About This Site

Fedi.Directory is a curated selection of accounts on Mastodon and the wider Fediverse that focus on specific topics. They’re mosty hand-picked by the maintainer, but people can make suggestions too (and it is fine to suggest your own account).

The idea of Fedi.directory is not to list everyone on the Fediverse! There are millions of people on the Fedi and that might be a bit difficult. 😁

I’m just trying to give people a few interesting accounts to follow on particular topics, so that they can discover even more accounts through those follows. This site is just the kindling for a fire, rather than the fire itself. It’s all about getting timelines started and enhanced, and at a certain point the timeline itself will provide enough suggestions for more follows.

There’s no algorithm on the Fediverse, so sites like this can be useful starting points. You might also want to check out Trunk ⧉ and Fediverse.info ⧉.


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Contacting me

You can follow me on the Fediverse at @FediFollows@social.growyourown.services ⧉ and the same account can also be followed through RSS ⧉.

You can email me at email@fedi.directory


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