The Great Pop Culture Debate

Podcast discussing popular culture such as film, TV, music etc, with a specific question in each episode such as “Best Tolkien Character”, “Best 1990s Romcom”, “Best TV Series Finale” etc.

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A pop band from the Fediverse, their music is really well produced sharp retro synthpop, often featuring LGBTQIA+ themes in the lyrics. I would especially recommend their self-titled album, and “Constellation” is a good track to start off with.

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Creating stylish upbeat electronic music with a funky 1990s/2000s flavour and an intriguing weird twisted nature thanks to use of microtonality and xenharmony.

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1980s Chiptune Bots

Three bots posting chiptune music tracks from the C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST.

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Dr Johnny Blanchard / RE:Enthused

Retro computing expert and author. Creates videos on vintage computers and consoles, including both highly obscure and well known machines. Provides the historical context of the devices, and explores the technical details of the hardware itself.

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