NextGen Cookbook

Cooking blog featuring recipes from around the world. The recipes are all easy to make and use fresh ingredients, avoiding processed ingredients. The blog’s aim is to encourage as many people as possible to cook at home.

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Adam S. Smith

Palaeontologist and curator at the Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, in the UK. Especially interested in plesiosaurs and other Mesozoic marine reptiles. Author of the children’s books “The Plesiosaur’s Neck” and “The Tyrannosaur’s Feathers”, founder of the Dinosaur Toy Blog, Animal Toy Blog and Plesiosaur Directory sites.

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Free open source federated blogging platform. The interface and options are minimalist, with the focus on reading text with as few distractions as possible. It’s part of the Fediverse, so you can follow WriteFreely blogs from Mastodon etc. You can host a WriteFreely server yourself, or sign up on an existing server.

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Ian Betteridge

Blogger, veteran tech journalist, used to edit the UK magazine MacUser and is well known for accidentally coining Betteridge’s Law of Headlines: If a news headline poses a question then the answer is almost always “no”.

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Matthias Pfefferle

Creator of the “ActivityPub for WordPress” plug-in which turns WordPress blogs into Fediverse servers. When it’s active, people will be able to follow your WordPress account from Mastodon etc, and when you post a new blog entry it will appear as a post on the Fediverse.

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One of the oldest blogs on the internet, founded in 1998. Posts an eclectic mixture of news items, curiosities, art, technology and more. (Technically this is a bot account, but it’s also the blog’s official account.)

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