Topio e.V.

German non-profit organisation which helps ordinary people “de-Google” their phones by installing privacy-friendly operating systems. They run events to help with this including workshops, exhibitions, lectures etc.

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The Tor Project

Non-profit organisation that maintains the Tor network, which allows people to communicate anonymously over the internet thanks to a special network that scrambles any attempts to trace connections. The easiest way to use Tor is with the Tor web browser, which you can download from their website.

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European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

Independent supervisory authority which tries to ensure that EU institutions respect the right to privacy and data protection when processing personal data and developing new policies.

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A non-profit coalition of Dutch broadcasters, museums, arts organisations etc. campaigning for an ethical internet. They organise conferences on this topic, and run their own Fediverse servers.

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Non-profit organisation which is promoting people’s right to privacy, and making people more aware of their privacy rights.

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E Foundation / Murena

The E Foundation develops and maintains a free open source privacy-friendly de-Googled version of Android, which you can either install yourself on your existing phone or buy pre-installed on a new phone. They sell pre-installed phones through the Murena brand, all of which are manufactured by established companies like Fairphone, Samsung etc.

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Smashing Security

“Smashing Security” is an award winning podcast which is in theory about infosec, but in reality it’s a very entertaining (and occasionally slightly rude) round-up of all sorts of computing and tangential non-computing news. Features lots of back-and-forth banter between hosts Graham Cluely, Carole Theriault and their special guest.

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Tuta (formerly Tutanota)

Independent privacy-friendly email and calendar provider which is ad-free and paid for entirely by their users’ subscriptions. There are free open source apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows. There’s also support for E2EE and 2FA wherever possible.

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The Small Technology Foundation

Researches, develops and promotes online services designed for human beings rather than corporate profits.

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