Blender is an extremely popular free open source software package for creating 3D and 2D animations, generating CGI effects for live action, and editing video. It’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows. They run their own PeerTube server on the Fediverse which is packed with short animated films, video tutorials and news about the software.

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Version of Linux which makes it as easy as possible to install and maintain your own self-hosted online services. There’s a really easy graphical interface, it works on home servers or remote ones, and it supports older and lower powered computers too.

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MIT+K12 Videos

Video account presenting dummies’ guides to science and tech, made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They are officially aimed at schools, but they work just as well as for any absolute beginner.

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FreeTech Project

Non-profit initiative helping people use technology in a more financially, socially and environmentally sustainable manner, mainly relying on FOSS wherever possible. Provides help to everyone, regardless of technical skill level. Based in South Yorkshire, UK.

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Heartland Urbanist / Matt Caffrey

Organiser and urbanist based in Ohio, USA, creating videos about city planning, housing reform and public transport improvement. Especially interested in the American Midwest and its return to urbanism.

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A non-profit coalition of Dutch broadcasters, museums, arts organisations etc. campaigning for an ethical internet. They organise conferences on this topic, and run their own Fediverse servers.

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Libre Graphics Meeting

Annual conference discussing free open source graphics software, including graphic design, digital painting and more. The conferences have been happening every year since 2006, though the pandemic has somewhat complicated things recently.

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Arthur Pizza

Videos mostly about technology, especially free open source software, Linux and PC accessories. The videos are a mixture of features, tutorials and news items. There are also some interesting wild card non-technical videos too.

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