Dr Johnny Blanchard / RE:Enthused

Retro computing expert and author. Creates videos on vintage computers and consoles, including both highly obscure and well known machines. Provides the historical context of the devices, and explores the technical details of the hardware itself.

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Awesome Games Studio

Indie game development team based in Poland, releasing on all major computer, console and mobile platforms. Creators of “Oozi”, “I, Zombie”, “Yet Another Zombie Defense”, “Fury Unleashed” and “Yet Another Zombie Survivors”.

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TFFP Podcast

Podcast founded in 2006 to review technology and games to assess how accessible they are for blind people. Also does livestreams and videos, the livestreams are available later on the video account.

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Widescreen Gaming Forum / WSGF

Online community testing PC games on various different monitor setups and noting how they perform. Founded in 2003, currently with over 2400 games in their testing database.

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