Hip-hop Twitch Bot

Bot that posts when hip-hop Twitch streamers go live. It deletes its own posts after streams have finished, to prevent cluttering up timelines.

Fediverse address:

How To Do Anything

Bot that matches up random WikiHow images with random WikiHow article titles. This can produce rather baffling, intriguing or horrifying results… Posts at 2 hour intervals.

Fediverse address:

Magic Aye

Bot that posts automatically generated autostereograms (aka “Magic Eye”), where you have to focus your eyes behind the 2D image to see the 3D image. It can take a while to do this if you aren’t used to the technique, but once it succeeds you will definitely know it has worked.

Fediverse address:

Lunar Phase Bot

Posts current phase of the Moon, including detailed information. It’s an interactive bot, you can @ it with your location to get local information for your area.

Fediverse address:

Quote Me

Bot which generates nice-looking images based on specific Fediverse posts.

Fediverse address:

1980s Chiptune Bots

Three bots posting chiptune music tracks from the C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST.

Fediverse address (C64 music, posts every 4 hours):

Fediverse address (ZX Spectrum music, posts every 4 hours):

Fediverse address (Atari ST music, posts once a day):

Premier League Scores

Bot posting the latest scores from Premier League football matches. Scores are hidden behind content warnings in case you want to watch match later. Posting schedule is pinned to profile, and post frequency increases during matches.

Fediverse address:

OpenStreetMap RestoBot

Bot trying to help keep OpenStreetMap up to date by posting random restaurants that have not been updated in 5+ years, along with requests for people to research and update the entry.

Fediverse address: