Creates art based around the fictional world of Moribund, a grim desert planet with a strange surreal mixture of magic and cowboys. They also do quite a bit of world building around Moribund.

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nathan cranach

Exhibited artist who uses traditional drawing techniques with pen and pencil to create fascinating disturbing dream-like (or perhaps nightmare-like) works. Parts are half-drawn, or torn up, or covered, sometimes combining antique and modern elements anachronistically.

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The Curator on Mastodon.art

The Curator on mastodon.art is a lovely account! ❤️ It shares lots of interesting art and creative posts from across the Fediverse, covering every genre. Following the Curator is a really good way to discover artists on the Fedi. The account has been passed from one maintainer to another over the years, which has helped keep it fresh.

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Libre Graphics Meeting

Annual conference discussing free open source graphics software, including graphic design, digital painting and more. The conferences have been happening every year since 2006, though the pandemic has somewhat complicated things recently.

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Records ambient sounds in various environments, including natural and human-made, using a high quality field recorder. Highlights sounds we may not always notice consciously.

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August Lehrecke

Installation artist who creates huge public works of art that people can walk inside and explore, often featuring lighting effects and translucent layers. Member of the Pneuhaus studio.

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Sean M. Puckett

Creates stylised and often abstract paintings using robots that draw with various kinds of pens (as in real life physical pens, not virtual simulations).

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Professional illustrator who creates excellent striking portraits usually based around line drawings with additional colours and elements. It feels like these are lost book covers or album artwork.

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Blender is an extremely popular free open source software package for creating 3D and 2D animations, generating CGI effects for live action, and editing video. It’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows. They run their own PeerTube server on the Fediverse which is packed with short animated films, video tutorials and news about the software.

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Joey Deruy

Self-taught, exhibited artist with a distinctive abstract style using colourful shapes on pale backgrounds, sometimes with figurative and other non-abstract elements mixed in. Deruy was partly raised in Kenya, and there are African influences on his art too.

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Magic Aye

Bot that posts automatically generated autostereograms (aka “Magic Eye”), where you have to focus your eyes behind the 2D image to see the 3D image. It can take a while to do this if you aren’t used to the technique, but once it succeeds you will definitely know it has worked.

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