Free open source end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer calling and messaging app. It supports video calls, audio, messaging and has a Skype-style interface. It has apps for all major platforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux, Mac and Windows.

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Creates art based around the fictional world of Moribund, a grim desert planet with a strange surreal mixture of magic and cowboys. They also do quite a bit of world building around Moribund.

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MIT+K12 Videos

Video account presenting dummies’ guides to science and tech, made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They are officially aimed at schools, but they work just as well as for any absolute beginner.

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E Foundation / Murena

The E Foundation develops and maintains a free open source privacy-friendly de-Googled version of Android, which you can either install yourself on your existing phone or buy pre-installed on a new phone. They sell pre-installed phones through the Murena brand, all of which are manufactured by established companies like Fairphone, Samsung etc.

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Haus der Astronomie (Centre for Astronomy Education and Outreach)

Education centre in Germany which holds workshops, summer schools and conferences all about astronomy and related topics. Operated by the Max Planck Society, and created in partnership with the Klaus Tschira Foundation, the University of Heidelberg and the City of Heidelberg.

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Curiosity Drive

Two people driving round New Zealand in a camper van, posting about all the sights and experiences they have on their epic 18 month road trip.

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1980s Chiptune Bots

Three bots posting chiptune music tracks from the C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST.

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Auschwitz Memorial

The memorial and museum at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp built during the Nazi occupation of Poland. Over a million people were murdered by the Nazis at the camp during the Second World War, most of them civilians including children. The memorial functions as a reminder of what can happen, and campaigns for it never to happen again.

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nathan cranach

Exhibited artist who uses traditional drawing techniques with pen and pencil to create fascinating disturbing dream-like (or perhaps nightmare-like) works. Parts are half-drawn, or torn up, or covered, sometimes combining antique and modern elements anachronistically.

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Radio Regentrude

German-language online music radio station. The station is non-profit, non-commercial, legally licensed, and funded by the people who run it. The music is international, programmes are mainly in German, but with some shows in English.

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Libre Graphics Meeting

Annual conference discussing free open source graphics software, including graphic design, digital painting and more. The conferences have been happening every year since 2006, though the pandemic has somewhat complicated things recently.

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Twinkscaping Records

The music account of Amber, a punk / metal musician and singer. Amber’s music is divided into two projects: Park Lane Memorial (nu metal) and Anonymous C.A. Bosch (political metal).


Free open source decentralised online identity platform. It helps you prove who you are across multiple sites without storing any personal data about you.

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Smashing Security

“Smashing Security” is an award winning podcast which is in theory about infosec, but in reality it’s a very entertaining (and occasionally slightly rude) round-up of all sorts of computing and tangential non-computing news. Features lots of back-and-forth banter between hosts Graham Cluely, Carole Theriault and their special guest.

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Free open source personal cloud software for sharing files, collaborative editing, instant messaging, personal music streaming and lots of other things. It’s extremely flexible thanks to lots of add-on apps that can be installed through the graphical interface. Nextcloud instances can be accessed through web browsers or dedicated apps for all major platforms. You can host a cloud yourself or sign up on an existing instance.

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Open Source Gardens

Organisation connecting gardeners all around the world, encouraging the use of open source seeds and similar philosophies. Posts in English and German.

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Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)

Project helping students talk to astronauts on the International Space Station via amateur radio equipment, hopefully inspiring them to pursue a career in STEM subjects. There are also repeaters for ham radio fans to take part.

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European Investment Bank (EIB)

European Union fund which provides loans and guarantees to projects involved with development, climate change and the environment, infrastructure and small and medium businesses. Its aim is to promote the policy goals of the EU, and operates both within the EU and elsewhere. It focuses on projects that have difficulty getting loans within their own country.

(Note: Despite the similar names, this is not the European Central Bank which manages the Euro currency.)

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A new programming language currently under development. The developers describe it as: “a systems programming language designed to be simple, stable, and robust” and “well-suited to low-level, high performance tasks.” Apparently it fits onto one 3.5 inch disk! 💾

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